Why Choose UTP?

Student Success

¹ Total SAT score out of 1600.

“UTP helps students academically and socially; they make sure that students not only have an amazing academic experience in America, but that they also have an amazing life in America.”

“UTP treats students as family by genuinely caring for them and selflessly serving them. As I thrive now while studying at UCLA, I will say for sure that the support UTP provided is the key in my journey.”

Jiani He (Kayla)
Shenzhen, China
UCLA, Class of 2020
Saint Anthony's High School Graduate

“UTP has set a strong foundation for my high school years.”

“Thanks to the program I was able to grow amongst different cultures from all over the world and be ready for the next chapter of my life at Boston University.”

Barbara Lousseau
Reims, France
Boston University, Class of 2021
Saint John's High School Graduate

“My experience at Saint Thomas Aquinas has been very fun and gave me a lot of freedom.”

“There are a lot of opportunities that you can explore here. I will be attending Drexel University to study nursing."

Linh Pham
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Drexel University, Class of 2021
Saint Thomas Aquinas High School Graduate

"The diversity at Saint Anthony’s High School has broadened my horizon. Holding fast to the wonderful opportunities, the experience here truly helped me to become the best version of myself."

Awarded Brother Leo Quinn Memorial Medal for Excellence in Mathematics!

Xiaocheng Yang (Mesut)
Guangzhou, China
University of California, Berkeley
Saint Anthony's High School Graduate

Our Mission

To facilitate life-changing international experiences through exceptional programs that connect people to each other, their potential and the world.

Challenge. Transform. Become.

We challenge students to realize their potential, transform their perspectives and become true global citizens.

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