Why choose Saint Thomas Aquinas High School?


Voted Best School on the Seacoast

Saint Thomas Aquinas was voted the Best Private School on the Seacoast for 2017, a coveted mark of distinction for top schools in the region.


Music Department

Every year the music department ventures out of New Hampshire to exciting destinations to perform or compete, all while showcasing their talents! Most recent trips have included New York City, Washington D.C., and Disney World.


Dual Enrollment with Southern New Hampshire University

Saint Thomas Aquinas offers Dual Enrollment opportunities for specific classes in Math, English and Science. Students who enroll will receive three college credits from Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) which can be transferred to any university!

“I love Saint Thomas Aquinas and UTP!”

“I’m enjoying life here in America and practicing my English skills. I have great host parents, and I can communicate with American students, talk with the teachers, and make friends from all different countries!”

Guowei Yang (William)
Guangzhou, China


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